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Hey guys!! As you may have seen, I haven’t posted in a while. I decided to take some time off of the blog to refocus. But I am back and I have the best news!!!! We have a new member in out family, we decided to adopt a cat.

Cat photo
Lina and me the day we met

The background story

Let me start by the beggining. I have wanted a cat since I was born. I believe the first thing I said when I saw the doctor was I want a cat (just kidding). But I have been asking for a cat for as long as I can remember. The answer was always no, so after many years I gave up. I still had hope of owning a cat someday, but I realised that day would come once I moved out of my parents house. Because I couldn’t have a cat of my own, I looked forward to every minute I spent at my grandma’s house where I could love her cat as my own.

My grandma adopted her when I was four years old and she was just a few months old. I will never forget that day. I was sick and satying at my grandma’s because my parents had to work. A friend of my grandma came over and brough her home. I felt much better the minute I saw her pretty face. We played all morning and cuddled on the sofa (remember I was sick haha). When my parents came to pick me up, they saw us cuddled on the sofa, covered with a blanket and with sleepy hair. They took a photo of us, and I still tresure it to this day. Lina (that was the name of the cat) sadly passed away last year at 25 years old!!. I believe she had a great life, running free, chasing mice and being loved by my grandma and me.

We are adopting a cat!!

After many years of begging and begging and more begging, imagine my surprise when out of nowhere my dad said, we are getting a cat. Once that was said in stone (at this point I don’t believe them anymore) there are a few things to take into account. We knew for sure that we were going to adopt. I am not going to write a full essay about why you should adopt or buy, that is entirely up to you. Next thing on the list was choosing between girl or boy. We decided we wanted a boy, knowing that we for sure wanted to sterilize him when it was time. The final point on the list was that we wanted a kitty, because we plan on training him and that is easier if they start when they are babies.

With those things in mind, I contacted a few animals shelters to see what animals they had and to know more about how the adoption process works. The actual adoption process is quite easy. You just have to fill a questionaire where they ask you about you experience with animals, if you have more animals that will live with the adopted cat and things like that. I messaged with the shelter manager and she send me some photos of the cats they were rescuing. After a few back and forth she sent me this photo. Here exact words were “he is a boy and you can get it know”. I must say, that was love at first sight, I couldn’t take my eyes off of those sky blue eyes. I inmediatly reply “he’s ours”.

He’s not a he?

My exitement levels at that point are over the roof. I didn’t even ask for the name. The day of the adoption, the shelter manager sends me the pick up address and tells me the name of the cat: Timon. I spent that afternoon looking and buying everything I needed (thanks amazon!). Finally it was time to pick up Timon. We arrived a few minutes before the foster family. When I saw him going through the door I was dying with love. Here comes the funny part. Once we get into the room, the vet get the cat to examine it and the first thing he says is, “she is a pretty lady”. We all were like, “you mean he is a pretty boy right?”. He’s like, no, Timon is not Timon, is Timona. But it was too late, we were already in love with him, or her.

As part of the adoption contract, there is a clause where you commit to sterilize the cat in less than year. We were going to sterilize it anyway so any cons we had with having a girl over a boy were gone. After the vet visit we took a family photo and finally we were able to take her home. On the car ride, we were thinking of names since Timon was no longer appropriate. We finally decided to name her Nala. Since her previous name was from the Lion King, I think it is only appropriate to give her the name of the main female character of the movie.

Nala’s story

Just in case you are curious, here is what we know about Nala before we adopted her. She is a crossing of Siamese and European Shorthair. A shelter volunteer found her inside a car engine when she was a few weeks old. Nala spent almost two weeks with a shelter family. She has been with us with over a week now and I believe she is loving us as much as we love her. She loves to play and her favorite toy is a simple cord braid we made for her. After eating she likes to lay in the blanket next to the window. Nala loves playing hide and seek with her brother Odie (a schnauzer mini) and running around the house chasing him. If you want to know more about Nala or her adventures, follow her on Instagran @nalakittenadventures.

I would love to hear your advice on how to train a cat. Comment down below if you have any suggestion or if you would like to know more about adopting a pet. See you next time!

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