healthy fruits
healthy fruits

I recently read a blog post about the healthy-ish lifestyle that made me think about the lifestyle that I have always lived by, but that is seen by many as not healthy enough. Let me start by the beginning. 

Most people believe that everything must be either black or white, but let me tell you… there are a trillion tones in between those two!! We all learn about the calories intake in a day a person should eat in school, the food pyramid, how we should exercise, eat greens and many more. Don’t get me wrong, all those things are great and we all should incorporate them into our lifestyle, but with a measure. I feel like everytime I open Instagram, or Pinterest is this picture perfect idea that I should eat greens all week long, from the green detox smoothie for breakfast, to the salad for dinner and the baby carrots for snacks. 

The meaning of being heatlh-ish


That is when the healthy-ish lifestyle comes into place. We only live life once and I want to enjoy it to the fullest. I don’t want to be all stressed out because I ate a doughnut one day or force myself to 40 extra minutes at the gym to burn the calories of last night pizza. That does not mean that I will allow myself to live off of junk food 24/7 either. I believe in balance. Does that mean that I can eat a huge bowl of icecream full of toppings and cookies everyday for dessert just because I had a salad for lunch? Yes and no. 

What does being healthy-ish actually mean? In the words of Abby Langer, being healthy-ish means “eating well most of the time—then some of the time, eating those less-than-healthy foods you need to stay sane”. So yes, you can have that bowl of cereal with toppings and cookies for dessert, but not everyday… 

Health-ish is more than a diet

Being healthy-ish for me is more than a way eating, is a lifestyle on itself. You need moderation, self control and overall willingness to incorporate all the previous to your everyday life. We should all be active, I should get better at it, have a balanced diet, drink tons of water and enjoy little treats every now and then. The benefits?? For me it all comes down to sanity and health. I will talk to you guys more about this on future posts, but I started making some lifestyle changes over the past few months and with small changes I have noticed huge benefits both mentally and on my health. I found out that with a balanced diet and exercise I reduced considerably my back problems (I have an 9-6 office job, so that explains the back problems) and have controlled my stress and anxiety levels. Paragraph

So, the moral of the story? We should not be so harsh on ourselves, but rather learn to have balance in all aspects of our lives, because as Mindy Bingham always says, you are good enough. With this blog that is exactly the lifestyle that we want to transmit, to be healthy-ish, to be the best version of yourself without losing the most important part of it in the process, YOU!! So keep around for some really yummy, healthy and not so healthy recipes, fun challenges, from exercise to food, reading discoveries and some unexpected adventures along the way.

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