Hi guys, and welcome back! Something you may not know about me is my passion for photography. Over a year ago, after much thought and considerations, I finally decided to buy myself a camera and develop that interest. A few days ago, I participated on a my first photography rally.

As many other hobbies, they are more fun if you do them with other people. A few months after buying my camera I decided to join a photography club. I have loved the experience and would recommend it to anyone that wants to start photography. For me, I am still a bit uncomfortable going around the streets with a big camera by myself. Being surrounded by people that know more about the subject and have more experience than you is great to lose that fear and make you feel more confortable. By joining the photography club, I have improved my skills in a way that I would have never been able to do on my own.

What is a photography rally?

couple in love

A few days ago, I went, together with some friends from the club, to my first ever photography rally. For those of you who don’t know, a photography rally consist of taking photographs of a certain topic during the day. At the end of the day, you hand out the pictures directly from the camera without any kind of post-edition. The rally took place in a city that was celebrating a “Modernism Week”. During the weekend, there were multiple events taking place and the people from the city were dressed in modernist attire. The competition had 2 topics: the city and modernism and a free topic.

It was better than expected

We arrived there early in the morning at 8am to get our badges and have a quick breakfast that the organization provided. When I got into the room, I felt really overwhelmed by the competitors. Imagine me, with my begginer camera (a Nikon D3400) that I bough on amazon, and then a bunch of people with more professional and much more expensive equipment. For a split second I wondered why was I even there, where I clearly did not belong. But, as I said, after that split second I reminded myself why was I there. My goal was to have fun taking pictures! It may seem silly, but all that I wanted was to feel more confortable with my camera and being alone taking photos on the street.

picnic at the park

We went all around the city centre taking pictures of the people. What I really like about this rally is that the city center is beautiful and the old buildings are in a really good state of conservation. So when you saw all that people dressed in antic attires you could actually believe you had travelled back in time. I took most of my pictures in this small but beautiful park. It had a small artificial lake and a huge gacebo.

I learned a lot about street photography.

Previously to this event, I didn’t really liked street photography. Actually, is not that I didn’t like it, it was more that I was not good at it. It is not like I am a master now, but after talking and getting some great advice, I feel more confortable being by myself taking pictures of random people. I also learnt a lot about photography, mostly by trial and error, and I discovered a new feature on the camera! Even if I don’t win any of the prices, I would highly recommend this experience to anyone who wants to start photography.

I will leave a gallery of some of the pictures I took. Bear in mind that even though this are not the ones I have submited to the rally, do not have any post-edition. Hope you enjoy them and follow me on Instagram to see more pictures and find out if any of them won a prize!


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