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Hello guys! I have thought a lot about what would be my first real post, and after much consideration I decided to show you something I am really passionate about. Here you will find an insight on how to organize your life with the bullet journal method.

I have been interested on the bullet journal system for a long time know, but it didn’t fit exactly with my needs at that moment. As new projects and tasks have come up I believe it is now time to try it out. Besides, I have been getting tons of inspirations from instagram and Pinterest and cannot wait to start my own designs.

The thing I like about bullet journal is that you make it to fit your needs. For me no week is like the other. I may have a week with “nothing” (there is always something that comes up, but you get what I mean) to write down, while the next week I may need a full page for all my meetings, deadlines, calls, out of the office visits and personal errands in just one day. 


I know there are people that like to use different planners for work, personal, and side jobs. Personally, that does not work for me. I like to have everything together so that I am able to see everything I have on one day. One trick that I have done since I was in middle school is color code the tasks, even with the phone calendar. That way I know what each color mean and just with a glance if most of the day is let’s say blue, I will be dedicating most of my day to work stuff.

bullet journal

Another thing that helps me keep organized is that I don’t write everything down on my planner, I just write things like meetings, deadlines, scheduled appointments, errands I don’t want to forget, but I don’t go into full details. I use other tools for more detailed explanations that I will mention later on. There is only one detailed item I include on my planner, which are my personal weekly to do lists.

One thing that I am excited to include on my new bullet journal are pages like “books to read” and “yearly goals”. I always find good books but there are just so many you can read at a time, so I am excited to have one page dedicated to books I want to read. I have a lot of ideas for what I want to include on the planner, so I will do an update post in a few months to see what I did and how useful it really was.


What I use

And now to the good stuff. As I mentioned earlier, I have been getting tons of inspiration through instagram, pinterest and youtube (I love AmandaRachLee channel, her designs are the best!) so I finally decided to give it a try. After reading tons of tips and tricks I decided to buy a dotted journal although you can use any kind of journal. What I like about mine is that it has this cute pattern on the cover together with an inspirational quote, which adds a bit of motivation. This is my first bullet journal and much to my despair I am not nearly as good as Amanda at designing the monthly spreads… But that won’t stop me from getting there!! I have been using finaliner pens to add a pop of color to my designs as well as some post it page markers.

My spreads

I may not be Picasso, but I added some pop of color here and there, lines, signs and in my opinion it looks great! It is very simple, but it contains everything I need for right now:

  • Year at a glance
  • Monthly log
  • Goals page
  • Social Media tracker
  • Netflix and Reading page
  • September Spread.

I use two pages for each week. On one page I have my week spread, Monday to Sunday. On the next page I only keep track of three things: my to-do list, lunch tracker (I always have lunch at the office, so I find it useful in order to organize my meals for the week) and an Ideas box, because you never know when your gonna have a great idea! I always like to add a motivational quote and try to live by it for the week.

Forget about doing more. Just try your BEST.

As you can see, my organization system is pretty simple, or at least I think so. On another post I will let you in on how I organize myself at work and some useful apps you should try! If you would like to see my September spread, let me know in the comment section. Do you use a planner to organize your life or are you more of an on the go king of person?

Until next time! xoxo

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